Utah Talent Academy

The Utah Talent Academy offers a world renowned & Utah based training program for new to experienced actors, voice over artists, models, singers, and kids ages 3-100, in person or on zoom.  Our programs act like a “LA Manager” would helping you create a celebrity brand, deciding on best industry paths, scheduling photoshoots & agency meetings, and training you for 10 types of auditions. You will master self-tapes, zoom callbacks, and learn all the top casting sites to launch your acting or model career.  As a top film school in Utah, we believe “Vision without Action is Meaningless!”

Call for a free workshop and train at the Utah Film Academy or a free modeling workshop with the Utah Model Academy 801-688-3773.  

Sign up today to be part of the exciting extensively training program for actors & models! Our workshops prepare you to book commercials, movies, TV Series, print work, fashion shows, digital media, and Celebrity endorsements. 


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Utah’s top Acting & Modeling Classes – in person or via Zoom!


Utah Film Academy

Acting training available for new or professional actors!

Here are our 5 main goals in developing you as an actor:

  1. The Utah Film Academy’s acting classes can provide you extensive acting training, specializing in building your range in what you can book including: major Hollywood movies, TV series, web series, voice over work, hosting, commercial work, and more!  
  2. To audition for SAG movies (which seem to pay the most) you need your Acting resume to show proof you have been well trained in film, TV, scene study, improv, overall acting, etc to be qualified for the $1088.00/per day x 1-100+ days on set and don’t forget plus+ usually thousands in  residuals. 
  3. Sometimes just starting off, commercial work is the easiest, and it can also be lucrative!  A local commercial pays $800+/day for 1 market, where national SAG commercials pay up to $50,000 since it’s in markets nation or worldwide since we are including the day rate + residuals and it only for 1-2 days on set.   
  4. In our market, we need actors for infomercials or Youtube commercials daily. Work with our coaches and learn what apps to download in our acting classes you can learn proper tele-prompting skills and book jobs where millions view your project!
  5. Learn voice over training. This is a fast way to make $1000 in less than an hour in own home studio. Learn what ISDN line or phone patch is and how to put together your own home studio, so you can apply for these jobs! 

Call the Utah Film Academy today at 801-688-3773 to receive your free green screen when you sign up for Utah’s top acting classes.  Acting Workshops for ages 3-85+. 

*All 8 week/16 hour Acting certification programs are offered either live or on zoom.

Ask about our yearly program for models & actors!

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Utah Model Academy

Modeling lessons for new or professional models!


The top 5 reasons we suggest you start working with us are:

  1. Learn what type of model you are and how to market yourself properly! Example: High Fashion, Commercial, Lifestyle, Fitness, Spokesmodel, Promo Model, etc.
  2. Learn the 8 types of modeling auditions formulas. Our Celebrity Model coaches are currently booking as models and will  discuss current knowledge on: nutrition & fitness routines, proper skincare techniques &  makeup application,  15 runway turns, and learn the  600 poses in 60 minute technique.
  3. Receive expert training in what to do when you get a booking! What goes in your model bag? …. how to fill out vouchers, and understanding model contracts, releases, & protocols. 
  4. Learn what type of home equipment you will need for self-taping as a model, how to put together a comp card, what five main model looks you should include in your portfolio, and what you will need to do be prepared for zoom callbacks.
  5. Shoot with our expert fashion photographer, Alex Valente, and receive pictures that will get you signed with a modeling agency and get you booked!

Call the Utah Model Academy today at 801-688-3773 to receive your free make-up brushes when you sign up for our modeling program. Modeling workshops available for ages 3-85+. 

*Modeling classes available live or on zoom. If this is a hobby for you, sign up for the 10 week modeling classes; or if this is your career…ask about the yearly model program!

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Win a free photoshoot

Value of $500