Utah Model Academy

The Utah Model Academy has trained & launched thousands of successful modeling careers worldwide. We’re one of the most trusted and recognized modeling schools in the country.

The Utah Model Academy trains models, children to adults, for modeling with innovative instruction and development, all while leveraging our industry connections. Our modeling program offers celebrity styling, hair and makeup artists. We also offer wardrobe  tips, fashion photographers and a team of modeling coaches to help create the perfect modeling portfolio for you. After all, we’ve spent over 25 years perfecting things. 

Earn $1,000+ a day as a Model & we can connect you to top Modeling Agencies

Our Modeling Certification Programs

Three-10 Week Modeling Courses:

Modeling Basics, Lifestyle Model Program, High Fashion

Modeling classes at Utah Model Academy

Program Highlights:

  • 15 Runway Turns & Fashion ShowTechniques
  • Photo Movement: Learn 600 Poses in 60 Minutes
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Industry Information
  • Product and Fashion Ads Prep
  • Poise and Posture
  • MakeupLessons/Grooming Skills
  • Model Etiquette
  • Commercial Training
  • Teleprompter/Hosting Training
  • 2 Hour Glamorous Photoshoot
  • How to Properly Market Yourself/Comp Cards
  • How to Get Several Agent’s Locally to Worldwide
  • Self-confidence Training
  • and so much more!