Unlocking Opportunities: How to Create an Impressive Online Profile for Acting Roles

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If you’re an aspiring actor or actress, one of the most important things you can do to boost your chances of getting cast is to have a strong online profile. With so many casting directors and industry professionals using platforms like Actors Access and Casting Networks to find talent, having a complete and professional profile can be the key to getting noticed and landing that big break. In this video post Vicky Cheal / Stars Talent Studio / Global Booker explores why having a strong online profile is so important for actors and provide some tips on how to make your profile stand out from the crowd. You can also find the transcript below the video.

I’m Vicki, the Global Booker with Stars Talent Studio. Although Stars is based in Utah, we represent seasoned talent all over the country. My job as the Global Booker is to focus on castings listed on film industry casting platforms such as Casting Networks and Actors Access. These are for some of the biggest brands in the world. Projects are for union and non-union productions such as TV commercials, athletic promos, modeling print, TV shows, feature films, and industrials, etc. These casting notices come directly from verified casting directors to verified talent agencies like Stars. Not all talent agencies have access to these platforms. These jobs will often pay anything from $800 to tens of thousands for a shoot. Projects are for experienced talent that are at a high professional level.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because we have some incredible talent on roster but they are either not listed on Casting Networks and Actors Access, which means you are missing out on these major casting jobs or your profile needs a spruce up. I had to pass on submitting talent for a Disney movie because they didn’t have a profile on Actors Access. It’s the only platform that some of these casting directors will take submissions from. I wish I could tell you how important and valuable that this is. Some of you only have one or two photos on your profile and lacking major information. Remember, this is what the casting director and the client that’s paying you sees. So, if there is not enough information, good quality information, and good media on your profile, they won’t request a self-tape from you. So basically, you lose the opportunity to be cast in these projects.

Please take a look at your Casting Networks and Actors Access profile and make sure that it has a full range of images and updated demo reels/videos and any information that is currently incomplete. Make your profile shine above the rest. Make the casting director say, “Yes, let’s have this talent send us a self-tape.” You will need to have a premium account for this. The free version just has so many limitations that you can’t really promote fully. This is a basic cost of the industry. I should never hear a complaint about the $26 a month they cost to have a premium account on Casting Networks when you can pay for that within the first job. This business will pay you well if you set yourself up correctly.

And just so you know, when I submit talent for a project, I can select an image from your profile that the casting director sees first. If they are looking for an office executive, then I’m looking through your profile and selecting that photo of you wearing office attire so the casting director in the client doesn’t have to guess what you look like as an executive on a production. So please include professional photos of various looks, so that I can help you get cast.

If you do not have Casting Networks or Actors Access profile and would like to be sent an invitation to be submitted for these bigger jobs, please email Amber or myself. Thank you so much.

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